DEVELOPER: Pusztakúti 12. Kft.
ARCHITECT: LAMRO-TERV Tervező és Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.
PLACE OF CONSTRUCTION 1037 Budapest III. Pusztakúti u.12. (hrsz.:65814/5) 


FOREST HILL” condominium is being built near the Csillaghegy beach, on a land nearly 30,000 square metres. Bus stops for busses 160, 219 and 960 as well as the Csillaghegy stop of the local train, all of which provide easy access to the city, are nearby. We aimed at finding the most favourable building siting and the best use of the panoramic view. Smaller apartments are positioned at the front, and the larger corner apartments with two front sides are further up the hill.  Each building has a ground floor + 2 floors + top level, each meeting the requirements for building height, there is a basement under the buildings of row 3.  Most apartments have a balcony or a roof terrace. As the majority of the land is not to be built on, recreation and play areas are also positioned here.  Building materials and architecture both resemble mountain buildings, combined with large terrace areas and roof gardens with shades. The outside surface is intermixed with plasterwork and stone. Buildings are positioned terraced in harmony with the sloping land.  The first raw is positioned at about the level of the existing buildings and it consists of four buildings.  Garages are on the ground floor and there are open air parking places in front of them.  The second raw consists of three buildings, which on the basement level is connected to the four buildings in the third raw, that are also connected to the parking places.  Buildings in the first raw have 14 and 16 apartments, in the second raw 12 apartments, and in the third raw 14 apartments.


There is one set of steps in each building and access to the flat will be aided by lifts of 630 kilogram capacity.
Apartments on the ground floor and due to the sloping land, in certain cases also on the first floor, will have private gardens.
Parking of vehicles will be possible partly in the courtyard, partly in the garages under the buildings.



Foundation: Bored pile foundation + grillage beam 
Front walls: 30 centimetres wide walls with excellent heat insulation, with made to measure thermostatic insulation in the frontage.
Walls dividing apartments: Silka sound-proof sand lime brick wall of 25 centimetres width.
Partition walls: 10 centimetres wide hollow block or Ytong walls.
Intermediate roofing: Monolithic reinforced concrete slabs top and bottom.
Locking slab: Monolithic reinforced concrete slabs top and bottom. 
Flat roof: Made to measure heat insulation above the locking slab, with bituminous or pvc sheet waterproofing.


Frontage: Thermostatic insulation system is covered partly stones and partly with colour plastering. 
Internal plastering: The wall structures are plastered, ceilings are with gypsum plastering.
Internal surfaces: Walls are covered with two, ceilings are covered with three layers of gypsum plasteringlayers of gypsum plastering. Walls and ceilings are painted with two layers of white dispersion staining.
Flooring: In the rooms and living areas there is floating laminate flooring with step sound protection (foam layer) and with moulding of same colour.
Tile and stone flooring: Kitchen-, bathroom and toilet flooring is made of floating based tiles, like PEI III durable tiles, at the meeting points with metal cover profile. 
Balcony and terrace flooring: Non-slip, freeze-proof ceramic tiles.
Wall covering: Glued tiles up to 2.00 metres in the bathroom and 1.25 metres in the toilet, with side cover on the edges matching with the tiles.  
Water insulation: Modified bituminous water proofing. Painted water insulation in the bathroom around bathtubs and shower trays, and near those up to 200 centimetres with waterproof sealing at the edges.
Thermostatic insulation of locking slab: heat insulation above the locking slab with 20 centimetres width.
Sound insulation of ceilings: :  Sound-proof insulation, 2+ 2 centimetres layers.
Entrance doors: Heat insulated safety door panel, with steel frame, multi-point safety lock, MABISZ standard qualification.
Internal doors: Laminate doors to be installed at request, with aluminium anodized door handles, normal locks.
Frontage doors and windows: Cold bridge free Upvc doors and windows with anodized handles and system identical weather board. U-value: U-window=1.3 W/m2K.
Frontage shutters: In-built shutter frames without the shutters. 
Tinning: All tinning (gutters, drains, wall- and chimney edges) is made of painted aluminium sheets.
Kitchen: The kitchen furniture in the plan is for demonstration purpose and to provide a base for planning electrical and mechanical connections and flooring / walling.
Kitchen appliances: Kitchen appliances are not included in the contract.
Furniture: There is no inbuilt furniture in the apartments.


Energy supply: Energy supply of the apartments is 2×10 + 1x16A Electrical panel is above the door.
Security system base: Base for one security system per apartment, with in-wall protected wiring.
Entry-phone: Outdoor unit at the buildings entrance, indoor unit in the apartment’s reception area, with intercom and gate opening function.
Telephone: There is a telephone connection point in each room. Cable within the apartment only.
Antenna: There is an antenna connection point in each apartment.  Cable within the apartment.
Electric sockets and switches: Sockets, switches, connections.  Type Legrand Valena Life.
Lighting: LThere are set places for lights for hanging setting with 60W lightbulb. On the balcony there are protected lights with pvc shades. 
Communal areas: Corridor lights with motion detection and timing. Vehicle gate electronically. Separate meters for electricity use for the courtyard and the communal areas of the buildings.


Water and sewage: Each apartment has one cold water and sewage outlet, with water meter and filter in each building. Each apartment has its own cold and hot water meter. 
Water pipe system: All base and uptake water pipes within the building are galvanized steel pipes and the leadings are  five-layer pvc pipes. 
Drainage system: Pipes in the ground are made of KG-PVC. Within the buildings the sewage pipes are made of PVC and KG PVC. Sanitary ware: Sanitary wares are white semi-porcelain sinks, handwashing sinks, toilets attached to the wall according to the plan.  Bathtubs are white steel. Shower trays are white steel, without shower cabin. 
Appliances:  Toilet semi-porcelain (e.g. Alföldi) with double flush. Water taps, ceramic, single armed, chrome Type: Grohe. In the design of the apartments there is a water outlet and drain for a washing machine in each bathroom.   In the kitchen there is a water outlet and a drain for the sink, without the sink and tap. 
Gas: Gas supply will be provided up to the central furnace. The apartments will be heated centrally, and cookers and ovens will run on electricity. 
Flue gas stack: The furnace for central heating is on the ground floor of each building. The proportionately sized chimneys come up above the rooftop. 
Heating: In the meter box of each apartment, in addition to meters of cold and hot water there will be a thermometer as well, with valves for throttle, selection and regulation. In the apartments there will be a system of pvc pipes with protective piping in the floor and in the side walls.  Heating units are towel radiators in the bathrooms and value flat panel radiators in the rooms.  Radiators are supplied with thermostat valves. 
Cooling: echnical preparation for the installation of an air conditioning system in the living room of the apartments will be provided. Electric connection and waste water drain will be established as well as the connection between the indoor and outdoor units. 
Ventilation: in some indoor rooms (toilet, bathroom) a delayed action wall ventilator will provide ventilation through a joint airway leading through the roof.  In the kitchen connection for the installation of an extraction fan is provided.

Pusztakúti 12.  Kft. reserves the right to install materials, products in a similar quality other than those built-in or used and can be found in this Technical Description during the implementation as well as to choose another solution regarding the technical design than the above if it offers a similar or a better quality.

Please be informed that in view of the progress of the construction, there is no further possibility of technical modifications in the framework of customer consultation.