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Sunny living space

Forest Hill condominium is being built in one of the most beautiful areas of Buda, in the III. district, where nature is represented in both surroundings and architecture.

High quality features

Large balconies matching the line of the hills, sunny living areas, large glass surfaces, natural building materials and a magnificent views await the future inhabitants of the condominium.

Excellent surroundings

Forest Hill is a huge park with charming little buildings. It can be easily accessed both by car from route 11 and by public transport from the city.

The Atmosphere

Panorama of Buda, surrounded by green forest environment, quality solutions. 

The apartments of the Forest Hill complex represent in every detail quality and closeness to nature. View our list of apartments and choose your Buda panoramic home.

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The forest is amazing on its own. The forest lifts my soul in a way that makes me feel like this is the most magnificent place in the world.

Jane Goodall

Come and experience the magic of nature and of the forest directly next to your home in the Forest Hill condominium.

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